Showreel’s Breakdown Sheet
Scene 01_ 00:06  00:16

Clean up the way and placing eh graffiti
Placing the cg elephant, rotoing out wall and poles
Vray passes to decorous, add motion blur, add
Occlusion, change light and color correction
Custom light wrap
Camera effects: motion blur

Scenen 02_ 00:17  00:25
Rotoscoping dancer
Compositing dancer with a new background using
Projections, color matching, reflections and shadows

Scene 03_ 00:26. 00:30
Clean up the plastic bar from the snails
Using projections and frame by frame painting for finishing.
Roto and chroma keying the snails from BG

Scene 04_ 00:31 00:34
Rig Removal and clean up the men
Colour correction

Scene 05_ 00:35 00:38
Chroma keying from greenscreen
Compositing with a new background
Colour matching
Sky replacement